Job satisfaction is at its lowest in 20 years, according to Metlife

To put this in context, it’s much lower than during the global recession of 2008, when job satisfaction was low due to financial uncertainty.

Astounding, right?

It’s why company executives, as of necessity, keep track of how employees feel and gauge responses to different decisions before implementing them using different platforms.

And a great example is Officevibe.

With the software, HR personnel of companies can hold surveys, managers can schedule one-on-ones with direct reports, and higher-ups can keep track of employee engagement levels.

But it has two major issues:

  • You can’t customize the question pool for pulse surveys
  • Some important features are only available on the paid plan

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Officevibe alternatives. 

We relied on the self-use of the tools and customer reviews to create this list.

But first, a brief helpful detour…

Officevibe in a Nutshell


With the help of surveys, anonymous feedback, peer recognition, and more, Officevibe helps companies measure employee engagement.

Officevibe – Key Features

  • Allows you set up pulse surveys using its in-built 122 science-backed survey questions. Plus, you decide the frequency — monthly, biweekly, and weekly
  • Managers can create custom surveys. And employees receive reminders to fill them
  • One key feature is the ability of employees to give recognition — good vibes — to peers.

They can either fill out a recognition card (a.k.a Good vibes card) after taking a survey or do so directly from their dashboard

  • Employees can set personal or professional goals, visible only to them and their manager. And managers can set team goals, trackable by every team member
  • The user interface is one of the best among employee engagement platforms
  • All feedback is anonymous. You can also reply to feedback via text, video, or voice messages, using suggested or self-crafted responses. Or request a colleague to do so.

This way, you can drill down into the details behind unclear responses

  • Surveys can be sent via Slack, email, or Teams
  • Managers can set up one-on-one meetings with direct reports
  • Displays an overview of employee engagement via a dashboard. That’s after the data has been processed using data analytics
  • Measures employee loyalty using eNPS surveys
  • Integrates with other HRIS tools and applications employees use like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google, and Yammer
  • Compares employee engagement data across teams, demographics, and employee tiers, as well as against industry benchmarks

Officevibe Main Downsides

  • Questions for pulse surveys are not customizable
  • Support, engagement, and other vital features are only available on the paid plans
  • Lacks a mobile version

Free Trial

Yes, there’s a 14-day free trial. And there’s a free version. But with limited features.

Cost Implications

There’s a free plan and two paid plans.

The Essential plan costs $5 per month but $42 ($3.50) annually.

The Pro plan costs $8 per month but $60 ($5) annually.


Pro tip: You get 30% and 37% off the essential and pro plans if you choose annual billing.

Officevibe User Persona

It’s best suited for medium to large organizations.

What to Look Out for in Officevibe alternatives

To help you make that choice, here’s a list of questions to ask yourself:

Does it Support Mobile?

Raise your hands if you used your phone in the last hour.

No surprise: all hands are in the air, including mine!

We always have our phones with us wherever we go. And as you’d expect, employees are no different.

So, choose a platform that supports mobile. It will boost your survey completion rate, as they can complete it wherever they are instead of scrambling for a desktop computer or laptop.

Can it Integrate With Your Current HR Tool Stack?

Things are far smoother when an employee engagement tool integrates with your HR tool stack.

You eliminate time spent hopping from one platform to another. And you get a comprehensive view of all employee data.

Look at the integration support before choosing a tool. At the very least, it should integrate with the communication and HRIS tools you use.

Is the Interface User-friendly?

You wouldn’t want to spend hours figuring out the platform. 

Also, employees are already very busy. So they can’t spend hours trying to learn a new platform. Rather, they’ll prefer to avoid using the platform, which reduces your survey completion rate.

You can use free trials to explore the platform before you pay. Reading through customer reviews helps too.

What are Some Top Officevibe Alternatives?

Alternative #1: 15Five

OfficeVibe Alternatives - 15Five


15Five has a complete suite of products for managing employee engagement. 

It facilitates performance management, peer recognition, OKR and goal setting, and measures employee engagement drivers.

What Key Features Can I Find in 15Five?

15Five l Create High Performing Organizations

  • Integrates with popular applications employees use — Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira — and major HRIS tools
  • Supports one-on-ones
  • Enables you to gather 360 feedback from managers, direct reports, peers, and employees, for performance reviews. 

Also, there are safeguards set up to reduce employee bias when offering feedback on their peers. They include ratings, competency assessments, and more

  • Allows you to set up recurring review cycles
  • Managers and employees can create a career path together. This fosters the performance and growth of the employee
  • Aligns team and employee goals to the overall business objectives with OKR and goal-setting tools
  • Recommends learning paths for managers based on the skills they need to improve their team’s engagement
  • HR personnels can create engagement surveys to measure engagement drivers. Plus, employees can complete it from any device
  • Displays feedback data by department, demographics, tenure, team, level, and more with the help of dashboards. And there’re professionals on hand to help explain the data better
  • You can create and track action plans based on the results of surveys
  • Employees can receive recognition from managers and peers for work achievements using the high-five feature

15Five’s Main Downsides

  • The support team takes a while to respond. For instance, it took more than 2 days before a customer could reach the support team. And 3 weeks to schedule a call
  • You can’t preview surveys before sending them out
  • Pulse survey questions are redundant. Employees get bored answering the same questions
  • It only allows you to use its engagement survey templates instead of creating your own

Do I get a free trial?

Yes, there’s a free trial.

What are the Cost implications?

There are 4 plans. 

Engage for employee engagement insights at $4 per user per month.

Perform for performance management at $8 per user per month.

Focus for OKR management and goal setting at $8 per user per month.

And Total Platform for employee engagement, performance management, and OKR management, and goal setting at $14 per user per month.

Each plan is billed annually.


Who’s the Perfect Match for 15Five?

Suitable for mid to large-sized companies.

Alternative #2: Awardco

OfficeVibe Alternatives - Awardco


Awardco is a cloud-based platform for recognizing and rewarding employees with tangible rewards like gift cards, custom gifts, event tickets, hotel coupons, and more.


Employees get points as rewards. They can then redeem the points for any item on reward networks integrated with Awardco, like Amazon business, Priceline hotels, ticketing platforms, and more.

This amps up employee engagement and job satisfaction.

What Key Features can I Find in Awardco?

Awardco 101: Introduction to the Platform
  • Allows you to reward and recognize employees for a job well done.

You get to specify what they did and why you’re rewarding them

Also, employees can nominate their peers for recognition

  • Employees can decide whether they want to be recognized privately or publicly
  • Integrates with popular communication tools — Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Workplace by Meta. HRIS tools — BambooHR, Workday, and ADP
  • You can set up automation for service anniversaries, career achievements, birthdays, and more. 

This way, you don’t need to struggle to remember employees’ special occasions

  • Allows you to set up Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) for employees. 

You fund it. Then employees use it to pay for eligible wellness expenses

  • Easy to incentivize employees to carry out specific actions

Awardco’s Main Downsides

  • The navigation needs massive improvement
  • There’s no mobile version
  • Supports only USD (United States dollars)
  • Opaque pricing

Do I get a Free Trial?

No, there’s no free trial.

What Are the Cost Implications

It’s not publicly available.

Who’s the Perfect Match for Awardco?

It’s a match for companies of any size.

Alternative #3: Glint

OfficeVibe Alternatives - Glint


Glint is a people success platform that gives an idea of employee satisfaction and provides useful insights to guide decisions. 

It helps increase employee engagement, develop employees, and track the performance of individuals, teams, and entire departments.

What Key Features Can I Find in Glint?

Glint Demo
  • Gathers anonymous feedback across the employee lifecycle using pulses and surveys 
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Analyses feedback data in real-time, and displays it on a dashboard for HR personnel and higher-ups to view.

Using the dashboard, you can see how each segment — departments, teams, and employee attributes — is performing in terms of the different engagement drivers

  • Delivers insights from employee feedback, highlighting areas you need to improve on
  • Clues you on which employee groups might be at risk of leaving — attrition — or not performing at their best
  • Combs through feedback data and reveals the recurring themes. This way, you wouldn’t need to spend hours going through each individual piece of feedback
  • Recommends action plans to each manager based on the feedback data from their team. Plus, they’re able to track the success of each plan
  • Empowers employees to give and receive feedback and recognition from their peers
  • Delivers educational videos from LinkedIn Learning to encourage employee development
  • Has an intuitive user interface and supports multiple languages

Glint’s Main Downsides

  • It doesn’t send automatic reminders to employees to fill surveys
  • It’s hard for small teams to capture 360-degree feedback
  • Opaque pricing

Do I get a free trial?

No, there’s no free trial.

What Are the Cost Implications?

The price isn’t available on the platform. You’d have to contact their sales team.

Who’s the Perfect Match For Glint?

Mid-sized to large enterprises.

Alternative #4: Betterworks

OfficeVibe Alternatives - Betterworks


With the help of various features, Betterworks helps companies increase employee engagement and development. It’s a great performance management platform for companies.

What Key Features Can I Find in Betterworks?
Betterworks Demo
  • Captures anonymous employee feedback at different stages of the employee lifecycle — onboards, offboards, alumni, and more.

You can create and schedule eNPS, employee engagement, and pulse surveys

  • Employee feedback templates are fully customizable. So, you can adjust each feedback template per department, role, hierarchy, and more
  • With the help of machine learning and AI, Betterworks crunches survey data and reveals areas for improvement and trends. This is all displayed on a single dashboard
  • Suggests action plans off survey data. You can create yours too
  • Integrates with major HRIS, collaboration, L&D (learning and development), productivity, and SSO tools. This is possible because of its API
  • Allows you to give recognition to individuals, teams, or departments
  • Managers can set OKRs and goals. Also, everyone sees the progress toward the goal, and managers can drop comments or nudges
  • Managers can hold one-on-ones with direct reports. Plus, there are conversation templates they can rely on to guide the discussion. Employees and managers can also add agenda items
  • Enables HR to set performance reviews cycles with customized review questions
  • Empowers employees managers to give and receive feedback
  • Compares engagement data against industry benchmarks. And managers can see how their team’s performance compares to other teams in the company
  • Prescribes action plans
  • Supports all devices, including mobile

Betterwork’s Main Downsides

  • Opaque pricing

Do I Get a Free Trial?

No, there’s no free trial.

What Are the Cost Implications

There are two major plans: enterprise and mid-market. But the price range is not publicly available unless you contact the sales team.

Who’s the Perfect Match for Betterworks?

Perfect match for large enterprises

Alternative #5: TinyPulse

OfficeVibe Alternatives - Tinypulse


TinyPulse is a software used to gather information about how employees feel and what they need. 

Additionally, it helps companies recognize and reward their workers, reducing their possibility of leaving.

What Key Features Can I Find in Tinypulse?

  • HR can create anonymous surveys to gather feedback. And they can follow up on respondents to get clarity without compromising their identity
  • Delivers science-backed recommendations to improve employee engagement
  • You can create eNPS surveys using in-built templates or create yours
  • Integrates with major HRIS and collaboration tools
  • With the help of advanced analytics, Tinypulse displays survey results in an interactive manner
  • Pinpoints high-performing employees and allows you to reward them with gift cards, powered by Tango cards
  • Employees can give and receive 360-degree feedback
  • Facilitates one-on-ones between managers and direct reports
  • Reveals threats of attrition before they occur
  • Employees can access the platform via the web, their phone, or their personal computer 

TinyPulse’s Main Downsides

  • The interface needs improvement
  • It is not possible to nudge employees to complete pulse surveys
  • Non-transparent pricing

Do I get a Free Trial?

TinyPulse doesn’t have a free trial.

What Are the Cost Implications?

It’s not publicly available.

Who’s the Perfect Match For TinyPulse?

TinyPulse is a perfect match for companies of all sizes.

Boost Your Employee Engagement

Above, we’ve given an unbiased overview of the top 5 Officevibe alternatives. Hope our in-depth review shall assist you in selecting a suitable alternative.


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